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Why do we need this information? 

Your safety is paramount to us, so while this is NOT A 24/7 CRISIS/HELPLINE, we collect this information from all members (with the sensitive data—aka everything but your username—only visible to the site administrator and data safety officer). This information will never be shared or sold on any condition and will not even be viewed unless a member specifically posts content suggestive of self or other-aimed harm, in which case one of these two personnel will use this sensitive data only in this one rare instance, specifically to contact emergency services and provide them with the above data so that they may best find and assist anyone who has made clear indications of immanent self or other harm.

The “Site” is only available to those who register (“Registered Users”).  Registered Users must be thirteen (13) years of age or older and must complete the registration process. 
We collect “sensitive” data (not publicly visible unless you elect it to be visible) specifically and only for the purposes of being able to direct emergency services to the location of a member (to the best of our ability), that has been indicated via a forum post or in another manner, that they are an imminent risk to self or other. It is critical to understand that we are not a crisis/help service and it is also crucial to understand that we are a volunteer run-site, unable to monitor posts 24/7. That being said, we feel it is our ethical duty to try to the very best of our ability to ensure that we have collected the proper for if the case arises that a member posts content suggestive of self or other harm, that as soon as we come across this post or we are warned of this content by another member, we have done our due diligence to collect the above referenced “sensitive” information that would be needed to most efficiently and effectively contact emergency services and communicate the contents of the post and share with them the “sensitive” data so that they have the best chance of locating and helping intervene in a potentially life-threatening situation. This “sensitive data” is specifically the following items (Please note you are required to input this “sensitive” information at the time of sign-up in order to gain access to the FRIENDS FOR Life LLC Forum, Meet-Up, and Safe Space. Further note that only 2 people will be able to access this sensitive data (besides emergency services persons whom we would share this data with only if the above situation were to occur. These two individuals are 1. Siri Kirin Khalsa who goes by “Emma Aders” on Instagram and is the Owner of End The Silent Epidemic LLC & Co-Founder of  FRIENDS FOR LIFE LLC and 2. Jaikar Singh Beasley, Co-Founder of FRIENDS FOR LIFE LLC and Our Data Privacy Officer ):
·       Emergency Contact Name (must be someone 18 years or older).
·       Emergency Contact Telephone Number.
·       Your Telephone Number
·       The Street Address of Where You Reside
·       The above information is not collected, nor will it be shared for the purposes of marketing or doing business whatsoever. It will only be accessed by the above 2 mentioned individuals in the one instance mentioned above.
You agree that the registration information you provide is accurate, complete, and current, and you further agree to promptly update that information to keep it accurate, complete, and current.  If you register on behalf of a business entity or other organization, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to provide the information required and to bind the organization to these Terms of Use.

Emma Aders (aka Siri Khalsa) and Jaikar Beasley

Co-Founders of Friends For Life LLC

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