Code of Conduct


We are so happy you've chosen to try out this mental health, mental wellness and self-harm prevention community forum! This forum is free of charge w/the only price of admission being an open and non-judgmental heart and mind, sharing and listening w/compassion so that you and others may begin to heal, and treating everyone w/respect and dignity.


Differing opinions are encouraged, but mistreatment won't be tolerated. If it is a minor infraction the user will get one warning before being dismissed, but if the content shows purposeful mistreatment, bullying, or other malicious behavior, we reserve the right to remove the user without this warning. We have this policy because it is increasingly hard for young people to find people and places where they can authentically and safely discuss these life-altering issues. We created this forum to create a safe space and we hope you will find the solace, community, and peer-based help you need as you get know and speak to other members. Please note that we do not have the resources to keep this forum safe without your help. We need you to flag, personal message or email us alerting us to the specific content and user of concern so that it doesn't get lost in the sea of posts.

Please read more about this in our Terms of Service but we don't have the technology, manpower, or expertise to monitor, isolate nor treat those who may be struggling with severe mental health related distress, thoughts of self harm, or those displaying suicidal behaviors. If you're on the forum and begin struggling with suicidal ideations, please LOG OFF immediately and call the NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE at 1-800-273-8255 or EMERGENCY SERVICES by calling 911.

As long as you understand and agree that this a peer-to-peer based support forum and not an emergency hotline or other type of professional service/treatment forum, and you feel you can uphold the member rules regarding treating other with compassion and respect, then we excitedly welcome and congratulate you on standing up for your mental wellness and fighting for your safety and health by joining this supportive @ESE community youth mental health forum!

Image by Tim Mossholder