Friends For Life App

Proactive Peer-to-Peer gatekeeping youth suicide prevention app officially under development!

Will you dream with us? 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

With your help, we can build a beta version of the Friends For Life Suicide Prevention App in 2022! This cross-platform app will be the 1st of its kind to prevent suicide via PROACTIVE peer-mediated gatekeeping measures rooted in the central PROACTIVE PREVENTATIVE tenet of the app. This once-weekly peer-on-peer mental health check-in can take as little as 30 seconds but can help ensure that your BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE lives a long, safe life! 

Please consider donating today. Every donation brings us one step closer to a viable beta version of this first-of-its-kind PROACTIVE youth suicide prevention app. Our success will not be measured by the number of downloads or 5-star ratings, but rather by the number of youth suicides prevented and transformed into promising futures realized!

Your support of any kind-from joining this forum, to spreading the word about this revolutionary project, to throwing us $5 dollars if you can will ultimately mean our success and our success has the potentially to result in actual young lives changed if not even saved!

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!

App Co-Founders and Creators, Emma Aders and Jaikar Beasley