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End The Silence

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November 7, 2021 · changed the group description.

For our first activism initiative as a new forum community we want to create a powerful video collage of as many submissions as possible of our youth members from around the world all conveying the same message: that the time has come to END THE SILENCE.

Any member interested in helping to plan the initiative and produce the final video collage can join this ESE group!

If you’re not up for joining the activism planning team, you can still play a huge role in this campaign by joining the event that goes by the same name “End The Silence.”

As a member of this group or the event we which ask that you consider submitting a picture, video, artwork, or any other creative representation that communicates the message/phrase “End the Silence.”

All submissions will be so highly valued and woven in to make an incredibly powerful video collage.

To show that mental illness and suicide can touch any life, no matter your gender, sexuality, race, religion, identify or otherwise, we would be greatly value those submissions that include you as part of the submission. For example we suggest a picture of you holding a sign with the words “End the Silence” or a 5 sec video clip of you speaking this phrase. If you can think of a more creative way to convey this message (especially one in which you too are part of the content), all submission types are welcome, we just ask that each submission include the phrase “END THE SILENCE” (whether spoken, written, drawn, signed, danced, sung, or anything else!!).

We can’t wait to see the submission start coming in.

❗️Please submit: ❗️

We don’t have a submission deadline at present but in general, the sooner you can submit, the sooner we can edit together and produce this powerful message that will be this forum/community’s official entrance into the global youth mental health and suicide prevention world!

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