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Friends for Life Meet-Up Group!

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November 13, 2021 · changed the group description.

Friends For Life Meet-Up Group:

This group is for meeting a potential partner for End The Silent Epidemic's main activism initiative called "Friends for Life." .\ Use this group to find other young people looking for a potential mental health check-in partner. Then use the other tools available on our platform to figure out who is the best match and/or to help develop the friendship once you've singled out a supportive ally! Potential tools and uses include our private messaging feature which could be used to ensure privacy when having more personal conversations--another is our video call conferencing feature which we can help you set up if you would like to speak with someone(s) face to face! Let us know if we can do anything else to make this group feel welcoming or how we can best facilitate your ability to meet and grow potentially important, lifelong, and in some cases even live-saving, friendships!

About Friends For Life:

To participate in the initiative you can use the LoveBomb app to send a once-per-week MENTAL HEALTH CHECK-IN video, text, voice, or graphic MESSAGE to your BFF/FFL partner each Friday.

This initiative gives you a chance to strengthen friendships, make more authentic connections, and help your friend(s) manage and promote their mental health. Couldn’t we all use a little LOVE right now? Can we count on you as a “Friend For Life Warrior”?

How and Why You Should Join:

Sign up as a “Friends for Life Warrior” by visiting the FFL webpage . You’ll officially be committing to participate in FFL Friday MH check-ins each week to help promote the mental wellness and safety of your FFL, and in turn you will get the support you need and deserve when your FFL checks in on you each week too!

***We will FOLLOW YOU as a REWARD for your commitment to youth mental health awareness and suicide prevention for signing up, click the button below to be directed to the FFL webpage where you can sign up!

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